Operation & Maintenance

Cirrus Wind Services provides you with full-service operations and maintenance for your utility and medium scale wind projects.


As standard, under an O&M agreement we can offer you bi-annual servicing, all followed to the manufacture’s guidelines. Alongside the bi-annual servicing of your turbines we also offer a 3 monthly visual inspection, oil sampling and generator alignment checks.

Oil Sampling

Regular oil sampling through a reputable oil analyst quickly shows any increase in particles, moisture or oil deterioration in the gear oil. We have found that regular oil sampling and visual inspection have prevented major component failure, reducing downtime and maximized availability.


We deliver reports for every site visit  and in some cases video footage as agreed with the client, to detail the results of routine Wind Turbine inspections and any maintenance activities onsite. Regular reporting enables our clients to build a comprehensive portfolio of any site activity.

The bi-annual Service reports/records are supported with photographic evidence.

Contracted clients receive a detailed monthly report outlining, production, availability, H&S issues, site improvements, power curves and any planned works.



We employ proactive and preventative maintenance philosophies on all sites. Our teams are specifically trained for each project and have comprehensive experience, expertise and in-depth knowledge of all areas of wind turbine operation and maintenance, meaning they can identify faults quickly and easily.

Non-Destructive Testing

We incorporate non-destructive testing techniques into our maintenance activities, including Oil Analysis, Vibration Analysis and Thermographs. These techniques provide a higher degree of maintenance scheduling and defect identification, especially in an asset that receives such dynamic loads.

Fault Finding

We have specialists capable of undertaking root cause analysis, using the latest techniques and programs to trace and pinpoint the origin of the fault. Issues are addressed by:

  • Defining the problem
  • Gathering data/evidence
  • Identifying the true root cause associated with the issue
  • Identifying corrective action that will prevent recurrence
  • Implementing the recommendations
  • Meeting your goals and objectives
  • Observing the recommended solutions to ensure effectiveness
  • Reporting

Reports and recommendations will be provided to you with full details of the information gathered.

Major Operations

We can provide expert mechanical and electrical turbine engineering and support for your major operations such as blade or gearbox replacement. We can source all the heavy equipment, materials and spares for your operations, if required. We have developed techniques to ensure your turbine’s major components are only replaced when conditions warrant it.

Operations we have undertaken on behalf of our clients are listed below:

  • Blade replacement
  • Blade bolt exchange
  • Gearbox refurbishment and replacement
  • Generator refurbishment and replacement
  • Yaw drive repair/replacement
  • Hub removal and replacement
  • Complex electrical and mechanical repairs
  • Yaw Ring Replacement


Inspections are necessary for obvious reasons, we offer end of warranty, due diligence, component condition, and major component inspections using non-destructive testing, remote visual inspection and technical expertise, ensuring that all systems and components are operating correctly on your wind turbine.

Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspection

We perform impartial assessments on the condition of your wind turbines in order to identify any defects prior to the end of a warranty term. This allows you and the Original Equipment Manufacturer, to take corrective action to avoid any unnecessary rectification costs being incurred by yourselves.

Due Diligence Inspection

We inspect and verify equipment integrity and site conditions prior to project sale, financial transaction or site handover.

Remote Visual Inspection

Remote visual inspections on wind turbines are exceptionally useful to inspect gearboxes, main bearings and other critical components. An endoscope is inserted into difficult areas, allowing us to take still images, video footage and accurate remote measurements.


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